CC 1.75 Spreadsheets
Thank you for these.
I wish I had known the links were dying, I would have saved the spreadsheets. Now that I'm looking for them thanks to my return to the game they would have really been handy.
The links are still there, it's just the formatting of the posts that got totally messed up in the forum migration. On the ugly lines, there's a capital HERE in blue. If you click it, you get taken to the spreadsheet.

Edit: Tidied up the first post so the links can be seen without the mess around them Smile
Hi all
I have been working on making a list of everything in Banished.
It will look like this. My question is there a text document I could get or is there a way to extract it out of the mod?

Homes & Housing    F3

Wooden House           F3-1    16 logs 8 stone    provides place for citizens to live, eat, store food & stay warm

Stone Houst               F3-2    35 logs 40 stone  provides place for citizens to live, eat, store food & stay warm provides more warmth then wooden homes

M Boarding House      F3-3     90 logs 25 stone  provides a temporary place for the homeless to live

Any help would be appreciated.