Tiled Decals... Roads and Fields

Hello everyone,

I've made some new road textures for my sets, trying to mimic the red dirt of PEI, and also want to re-texture the crop fields in the same way. Now I can change the texture .png etc., and it comes out fine in game but I have a few questions for clarification..

1 - I'm using gimp to make my texture, and often get the following note when running build.bat when doing the roads and crop fields;


***** Texture is marked as RGBACompressed but has a fully white alpha channel!

Now, I am assuming the game wants to do some thing with the alpha channel, and I am assuming that is for snow cover because my roads disappear in the winter. However, when I mess around with the alpha channel until this warning goes away, the texture comes out with nasty transparent patches in game. Any idea of the proper way to deal with this? How do you get the road textures to look so crisp?


2 - I'm using textures of the size 1024*1024 but am wondering what is the size, in pixels, of a game tile? I.E. how much of this texture will actually be displayed on a 1x1 road or crop field? This will help me line up my shading in the crop field and get the right scale. 


3 - I have turned the road textures into some 1x1 ghost squares for decorations, and have a triangle and a square version. The problem is that the textures on these squares come out very distorted/blurred on the stone tiles, and it has also happened to some of my dock pieces with flat triangle planes, even if they look perfect in blender. Does anyone know why this might be?


It would have been really neat if the mod kit included a few examples of these sorts of images.


i didnt played alot with roads... if not almost none... <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> crew played with it alot more than anyone else...

yes it is 1024x1024 , and i think it is 64x64 per tile. you will want to make some alpha between those lines of 64.

to make ghosted triangle or you do a solid plane which will get moiré alot ... or you can just work with decals and footprints which will only "paint" the ground with your footprint road texture.


like i said, i have almost no experience with roads.