Trouble reading the modkit files

Hi, I've come back to Banished after a break, and on a new laptop, so I've had to reinstall everything and want to remake the mods I made when it first came out (just simple tweaks to ageing etc). I've downloaded the beta 1.7 modkit (and I'm running the 1.7 beta of Banished!), unpacked it into it's own folder as per the advice in the readme, copied in the game files from the Steam install folder (including the updates) and run the buildresources.bat file. However, the files it unpacks have a .crs extension not .rsc as I remember, and when I open them in Notepad, all I see is garbage. Any ideas what's gone wrong? I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. Thank you!


Hello Alycya


When you unzipped the toolkit in your modkit folder you've got a :

bin (folder)

example (folder)

resource (folder)





Right ?

then you took the steam data.pkg files and copied them in your Bin/WinData folder ? and comeback to run the BuildResources.bat ?

the resource (folder) i've put in Bold is the folder where you have all your resource files .rsc which you can open with the notepad

the .crs are usually inside the Bin/WinData folder.


Can we have a screenshot if it is different ? *ptrscr on your keyboard and open paint.exe of windows and CNTRL+V to paste your screenshot (then save as .jpg)