Blender FBX settings for animations

I'm at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to get an animated animal to work in game. Its skinned, rigged, has a perfect little animation that works inside Blender. Unfortunately, when I add the animal to a pasture, it just sits there and doesn't perform any of the actual animations, its as if they weren't exported within the .fbx at all. The animal model loads in but it remains in the place it generated at in the pasture and spins left or right sometimes. The smaller scaled ones grow larger with time but none of them actually move (for the walk animations or the idle ones) besides doing their little spin in place maneuver.

I feel like the Blender .fbx export isn't creating the animations right or I've got some setting somewhere that I'm missing. Can somebody please take pity on me and tell me just the settings involved? Or if maybe I need to transfer the blender file to a different 3D Editor tool and export it from there with better working .fbx export settings?

It's frustrating because I've done all the legwork- learned how mod, learned how to create meshes, learned how to skin and rig them, learned how to animate.. but the darn thing won't MOVE =( 


There is hardly anyone who has successfully made an animated animal for the game.  Shock Puppet made a few and found it really difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately he seldom visits the forum these days and is primarily working on a new game with some others.  Red Ketchup has a contact who gave him several animated animals for the game which he included in his RKEC mod.  I believe he is contacting him to see if he can help you with your efforts.  Hope you are successful - it would really be wonderful to have someone who has learned the key to modding more animals for the game.

i never got any respond back from the guy Sad

i also contacted Shock about tree death animations.... never got answered Sad

i have access at some animals i could add to Rise of the Pharaoh (pointless to make this mods if it hasnt its own list of wild animals) but it does a strange thing and i dont understand whats it fails or do wrong. when i export the animal to obj and with the obj, the animal is perfect but obj doesnt support animations so it stand like a statue. but when i export directly to .fbx, it does perform the animations but the texture/integrity_of its_form is bugging and do strange bad graphic artefact Sad

Shock can probably help me .... but didnt got any help for the other problem i've got.

[Image: 37_01_08_19_10_00_23.jpeg]

i ve checked the UWmap and the texture is applied OK .... so i dunno what is wrong.