Detailed building & item lists for CC & MM

On 10/9/2018 at 5:16 PM, SoftwareSimian said:

Thanks to those who provided data. I have finished cross-checking all the data from the <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> v1.75 spreadsheets vs my data vs data in the .rsc files and updated my site accordingly, now with building layouts where available:

There were several discrepancies between the .rsc files and the Excel files, sadly I neither made a log of them nor attempted to reconcile them in-game, but 99.7% of the data matched up.

Unfortunately not all of the buildings from the MegaMod are included in my data because while I may have the .rsc file that contains lots of useful info, one thing it doesn't contain is a building name, so it's not always easy to know what group and building a particular file belongs to.

If anyone spots some glaring error in my data, or wants to help fill in the missing details, please let me know.

So I just went through your data list. WOW!  You did a tonne of work to compile this data.  I already knew I loved Charcoal for fuel. But you proved it is the best value going. it is coincidentally the highest value of the whole list. heh. guess that makes me a good guesser eh.  Thanks for doing this, it was very interesting. informative, I won't be using no more chicken meat at the tinnery. and those fire bundlers, and wood choppers, handy at the start, but not a good bet to fuel hundreds of houses,  or service the Fuel Refinery.  Besides, it is much easier to use a log vendor to feed the stacks burner, or bricksworks. and then feed the charcoal as the only fuel going, so the fuel vendor can stay fully stocked up to feed the Fuel Refinery, and the markets don't overload trying to stock every type of fuel going.  And, two or three stacksburners vs the multitudes of staff required to build bundles or firewood. I preferred Charcoal for its low labour costs.  even if at the time I thought it was a higher cost overall. after all convenience usually has a steeper pricetag. 


SoftwareSimian has created a really terrific database.  Note that this information is also available in spreadsheet form here on the forum, <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> Spreadsheets, in case you wish to download these and print them out for use while you are in game.  There is also additional information in the forum's Wiki.  


maiden,are you using <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr>? have you tried burning thatch or fodder grass as fuel? depending on mods and mod order this might be is a good way to use up the excess grass.definetly handy at game starts when logs are needed for construction.


is charcoal a historically correct way? i have heard overseas in some areas grass or sod was.


i start out using the wood chopper. I can't load up <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr> yet. working on it.  has issues.  on a different post.  I just loved finding the charcoal option.  Freed up all those bundlers, and choppers, as well as simplified feeding the fuel refinery when I played <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> Journery 1.76 I discovered charcoal as a fuel option , just fooling round with it. cuzz at first, five logs, eh. yikes. but it went up, the requirements, aka needs of the bannies seemed to be somewhat lessened, so I took a chance, and left the stacksburner running, and long term, I found two workers in the stacks, fed a town of 700 plus two fuel refineries, and maintained a limit of 2000, without destroying my wood collections. where i would normally need about six wood choppers, or a sawmill running one worker full time on firewood.  I saved in labor and i had plenty of wood to spare, so much i had to sell some lol.


 nah,use coal for fueling refineries.charcoal for maple sap boilers. but then my houses burn thatch/fodder for fuel as a backup source. pine mod gives bigger trees also. many optins.


I think to be historically accurate. then peat moss would be the fuel of choice, along with cow patties, pretty sure horse manure was used for fertilizing, and the cow patties burned in the fireplaces during winter after drying them out. they produced a low hot fire, that didn't require alot of tending through the night. making it superior to firewood.

In Saskatchewan where the trees are very limited, due to the ph content in the soil isn't friendly to Trees, cow manure was a commodity to be traded as well.  Not sure if goat manure was used or not. But when I asked my Uncle, who grew up drying cow patties, he was pretty definite on the reasons why. lol. He was a kid and it was his job to prowl the pastures for the patties. lol. him and my dad.

So, apparently it's been 6 years since my last update, I'm wondering if any new spreadsheets or other data files are available reflecting the current items in the modpack?