How to place the add on closer to the house?
I am currently playing banished megamod 6 and came across a visually disturbing element. I want to build the two story medieval house (pink thumbnail) and the add on. I can do this but the add on is placed to far away from the house. Is there a way to tweek this so that the add on joins perfectly the house? Thank you
I'm afraid I can't see that screenshot. Megamod 6 is an old version, so if it has a bug, that bug will remain, it's not getting fixed (and it was made for a previous version of Banished, before flags and categories were reworked, so there will be issues at some point with broken production chains).
My advice would be to head further down in the forum to grab the more recent version of Megamod . Even if you are using Steam, I really recommend a manual download and install, as it's a multi-part mod and Steam has issues with that. Even better, if you use Discord it might be easier to get answers there relatively fast, and to post screenshots more easily too. You're likely to find someone on to help and guide you through the mod install process and a few people know the content of Megamod incredibly well and can tell you how to place things Smile