Fatal Access Violation with Trading Post
Colonial Charter is my only Banished Mod. Every time I click on the trading post, I was trying to build the animal one and haven't tried others, I get a Fatal Access Violation has occurred in application-steam-x64 and the game cannot continue.

I have tried verifying integrity of files several times. I've tried switching to an older version of directx. I tried completely uninstalling the mod and reinstalling it.

Nothing works. I'm on Windows 10 and I'm hoping I can get some help because this has been a really fun mod.

I'm using the mod from ShockPuppet on steam v1.76 (there are two identical looking mods by two different users). This is the first game using this mod that I've gotten to trading post. I am using Adam and Eve Mode. Map I believe was Large and climate was likely the not a cc one but rather a default one of medium harshness. Map type was valley.