Game crashes when opening Trading post
Hi, I just came back to banished and im using this mod, Im loving it but getting frustrated with a problem.
When Just started building a trading post and the game crashes every time I click on it also happens when i click on the ttown arrival.
Im using the mods:
Half Ageing (1.0.4)
Improved Herbalist (1.0.7)
Intensified Fishing dock(1.0.4B)
More Stone per rock1.0.4
better harvesting1.0.7
All installed through steam.
Please help as the game is really frustating without this tools.

Thank you,

It does not happen on a new save.. but i really would love to keep the old one going
I'd get rid of the mods mentioning 1.0.4, especially the ones that might be changing the flags associated with items as more flags were added in 1.0.7 and CC took advantage of that to re-organize things.
There are equivalent mods that were remade for the last 1.0.7 Banished patch and those should be safer. When looking for mods on Steam, avoid anything posted before late 2017.

The mod load order will also matter.
Things loaded under CC will tend to be overwritten (so if you get rid of them you won't notice a difference. For example CC introduces a modification to harvesting behavior).
Things loaded above CC will overwrite parts of CC and risk introducing errors. Basically the only thing you should load above a BIG MOD is small mods that were made specifically to alter said BIG MOD. If you load much older independant mods above CC, that's where you risk breaking production chains or getting crashes because items aren't flagged the way buildings in CC expect them to be.

The fact you're crashing specifically when you are opening buildings with an inventory window listing anything available in town really points to an item somewhere not being flagged correctly. Could be your stones, could be your herbs, probably isn't the fish but...