Some small additions I'd like to see
Hey, all! Thank you so much to the developers for making Banished fun to play. The Megamod is truly fantastic.

I have four ideas that would flesh out trends among existing structures:

1) Warming tent. This would be a house that costs logs and iron, not stone. Warming tents historically had an iron stove rather than a fireplace, and were quite portable. These would be good for workers who have to travel long distances and are at risk of freezing to death, and the lowest priority for living in.

2) Raw food collectors that workers can live in. Historically, many tradesmen lived above their workspaces, so for raw food collectors this would be especially welcome. For balance, they'd be the most expensive option.

3) Brick buildings. Brick is cool, but it can only be used for roads right now! I'd suggest giving brick options to housing (row housing in particular), wells, and storage buildings (even castles...?). Brick could cost 2-3 times as much as stone for balance.

4) 3-wide 2-storey row house gate. Right now there is a 4-wide option, but no 3-wide.

You guys rock!