Dairy Mod Won't Include Dairy Cows

I'm trying to mod Banished for the first time so I've made myself a lil dairy mod by copying and pasting the contents of the Apiary and Leghorns examples and renaming everything, modifying the rsc files etc.

It builds, it compiles, as far as I can tell, but when i try to run the game with

bin\x64\Application-x64-profile.exe /ref dairyResources.rsc /pathres ../chessxn/dairy /pathdat ../chessxn/dairy/bin

the game doesn;t launch; it drops out immediately, and if I run with /onlypkg then the building works just fine afaik but the dairy cows don't seem to show up. If I run the exe directly then the building shows up but when I use the debug menu to enable all animals, the dairy cows aren't added as an option, so I feel like I've maybe missed off a reference somewhere.

Any ideas/any more information you need?

Appreciate any help, I'm aware there's already dairy mods I'm just using this as a practice, might add more kinds of cheese.
I'll try to poke Kralyerg to see if he can help, but otherwise your best bet to get in touch with other modders would be on WorldOfBanished.com