Master List CC 1.75 and Above

Dear BL,

I have some proposal. can BL make a master list for all items. Such as buildings, items that required to build a buildings, product that produce for each building.

Sometimes i dont know what is the final product for some building. just make some list or better make like organization charts


There already is such a list.  Second from the top thread in this section.

I'm only just getting back into the game and am only on my second playthrough of cc, but was actually just now thinking about trying to submod this feature into a searchable wiki ingame myself (why I'm on the forums right now). I have experience modding total war games and working on the writing for mods in other games, would anybody care to point me in the right direction of where to get started? (it might be easy to find idk I haven't loaded up the toolkit yet--it's the roma-milan derby today!)