mod to increase food consumption
I'm trying to create a mod that increases the food consumption (found no one like that) and I'd like to use it with megamod enabled.
Of course that I will modify the Citizen.rsc in resource/template folders, but it'll overwrite your (megamod) rsc file with the same name in the game.
I know that you included the "one year is one year" in megamod, but I'm also pretty sure that other mods that you included also modified that file.
I would like to make my changes without losing your settings in Citizen.rsc.
May I obtain this file or the lines of codes within it?
Kralyerg made mods to increase (or reduce) how much people eat by severeal levels. Those mods apparently didn't get reuploaded here when the forum got moved.
I can poke him about re-uploading them and/or helping you make the mod yourself.

As far as I remember, "1 year is 1 year" isn't part of MegaMod (it's a very specific thing that not many people enjoy. It's included in The North 7, but that's not part of MM).
I uploaded the More Foods mods here:

As Vrayna said, CC and MM don't touch the citizen file like that, so any aging or the above food mods are completely compatible.  Those lines of code aren't included in CC or MM at all.

You're welcome to make your own version of a mod that increases food consumption by changing the float _foodPerYear variable without fear of making it incompatible with CC/MM.
Thank you for information and help!