Keep it going for 1000 years!

Anybody ever play a map for over 1000 years?


I'm working on a map I think I can take that far.  And with my new computer upgrade, it should be able to run decently with a large population.


I'd like to challenge anyone to a long-running map contest.  Informal, of course.  Just post in this thread from time to time and share with us the glory of your achievements.


Anybody got any tips on how to run a town this long?




most comps shut us out of that. usually at 100-150 most comps crash out.a few have done it with just vanilla and no mods. check out some thread pages at WOB. irrelevant has a long map.well over the 1000.



Seen that thread before.  It's an awesome read.

I have a map going that I think I will try to run forever.  We'll see how it works out.