Skull Rock

Found this today and it was strange enough to share. I can't post a screenie but it's easy enough to see for yourself. Has anyone else found things like this? Would love to see other seeds.

Running <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> with 1.07 

Map seed 446724308

Conditions, Medium sized map: Mediterranean, no snow: Cold Valleys: Northern Pines Easy.

You'll get sheep with the starting village and it's a very nice little map. BUT the funny thing, look to the east of the village across the stream and slightly south. You'll find a Skull. It's easy to see. Fairly large. Don't put a forester or any other flora or terrain changing building where it's influence will overlap the Skull or they will destroy it. 

After probably 100's of maps it's the first thing I've seen like this.