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Gatherer Resource Limit - Necora - 25-01-2017

Just as I think I'm not needing to spam up this part of the forum much more, I get another issue I can't seem to solve.


Is it possible to change the resource limit of the gatherer? I am trying to make a new one, using the Textile limit as the new gatherer will be getting mainly textiles, but I also wanted to add materials.

If I have the UI display the food limit, it works. But as soon as I try to change that to the Textile limit, I get an error when building.


Assert: Failed to load resource 'C:\BanishedKit106\MyMods\Maritimes\bin\Template\'





Runtime-x64-profile.dll(0x00000000df084b0a) ....


Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:resource'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:ui'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:enableCutterWorkButton'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelCutterWorkUncheck'

  --> Compiled LabelDescription 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelCutterWorkUncheck'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelCutterWorkCheck'

  --> Compiled LabelDescription 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelCutterWorkCheck'

  --> Compiled CheckDescription 'Template\PineForager.rsc:enableCutterWorkButton'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:workButtonConfig'

  --> Compiled ControlUIConfig 'Template\PineForager.rsc:workButtonConfig'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:resourceLimit'

Compiling 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelLimit'

  --> Compiled LabelDescription 'Template\PineForager.rsc:labelLimit'

Warning: Failed to load resource 'C:\BanishedKit106\MyMods\Maritimes\bin\Template\'


Warning: Failed to load resource 'C:\BanishedKit106\MyMods\Maritimes\bin\Template\'


If I take out the 'editLimit' line from the template, it compiles but crashes the game when clicking on the building.



I copied the code from another building that works just fine, so not sure if there is something odd about the gatherer which would prevent the resource limit from being changed?

Gatherer Resource Limit - Kralyerg - 25-01-2017

There shouldn't be a problem with changing it, no.


This is the code we did for a Textile flagged gatherer.

ResourceLimitUIConfig resourceLimitConfig
    ResourceLimit _resourceLimit = Textile;

RibbonDescription resourceLimit
    Alignment _alignment = TopRight;
    bool vertical = false;
    int _topPad = 8;
    int _cellPad = 8;

    ElementDescription _elements

    Dialog _toolTipDialog = "Dialog/ToolTip.rsc";
    StringTable _toolTipStringTable = "UI/ColonialStringTable.rsc";
    String _toolTipText = "TextileLimitTip";

LabelDescription labelLimit
    Alignment _alignment = MidLeft;

    Font _font = "Font\FontSmall.rsc";
    int _imageWidth = 20;
    int _imageHeight = 20;
    int _spacing = 4;
    LabelPosition _labelPosition = TextRight;
    Alignment _textAlignment = MidLeft;

    StringTable _stringTable = "UI/ColonialStringTable.rsc";
    String _text = "TextileLimitShort";
    SpriteSheet _spriteSheet = "UI/ColonialSpriteSheet.rsc";
    String _spriteName = "Rug";

SpinnerDescription editLimit : "Dialog/SharedElements.rsc:spinnerSmall6"
    int _increment = 100;
    ElementDescription _border = "Dialog/SharedElements.rsc:flatButtonEnabledBorder";