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Question About Muskets and Tin - Exivus - 04-02-2017

(Preface: I'm playing the MegaMod and somewhat new to it)

  1. What are muskets good for? Are they just the "top tier" general tool that anyone can use or just hunters? (can't imagine hunters shooting down trees)
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      If they aren't the top tier tool, which one is? I have bronze, carbon steel and gemstone. Is there a chart of performance/durability for these different types?

  2. Trying to balance my economy to be autonomous, but I've run into issues with Tin and Copper. I can place the mines for them, but they're finite. The only "infinite" method I can find is to trade for them, but requires manual interaction every so often to do so (as there doesn't seem to be a way to auto-purchase for those resources either). So, in short - are they truly finite or is there an autonomous method out there for acquiring these raw materials?


Question About Muskets and Tin - stiles - 04-02-2017

he muskets are used for the new frontier fort buildings. you can dig the mines deeper when they run out. you'll need candles the 1st time. even with the unlimited mines mod i won't swear to them being unlimited even after you dig them down all the way. they go down like 3 times.

Question About Muskets and Tin - Kralyerg - 04-02-2017

There is a list of the durabilities listed here

Technically gemstone tools are the best, but they are kind of hard to make and expensive to buy.

As stiles said, muskets are good for building some of the fort or native buildings, but other than that they are just for trade.

The tin and copper mines need to be upgraded twice and then they are infinite.

Question About Muskets and Tin - Exivus - 04-02-2017

Big thanks!