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Megamod Update - tuggistar - 14-12-2019

Is there anyone alive on the forum? I asked a couple of questions, but no one answered from Modder. I was told that mega mod 9 in beta, is it true or not? Since the is now quiet in creating mods, then upgrade this mods - mega mod now is perfect. To be all in one mods and not to worry about compatibility.

RE: Megamod Update - Vrayna - 14-12-2019

There is work going on for MM9. It is however insanely huge. Like "much bigger than the 3 files for MM8" kind of huge. It's apparently slow tedious work as opening it in the modkit takes ages (opening in modkit takes longer than game loading time, which already reaches 15 minutes for some people on MM8).

Side note: If you posted questions recently Tuggistar, there's something weird going on because I don't see them.

RE: Megamod Update - tuggistar - 15-12-2019

I have a list of mods totaling 8.30GB and the game starts using the keys -Tab and Alt, with a total time of launching 7-8 minutes.

It's just that there's probably a limit to how many mods can be activated at the same time.

With Mod Manager you can activate mods as much as you want, but when the mod is more than 252 about then when clicking on the list of mods in the game immediately crash. If more than 252 about then the game works as it should, but when clicking on the list of mods immediately crash. How to check it is true whether it is or not.

I left the comment on MegaMod 8 Open Discussion

RE: Megamod Update - TongueLicker - 15-12-2019

Do either of you happen to know when MM9 may be released?

RE: Megamod Update - Vrayna - 16-12-2019

Whenever it's ready and everything is working Wink

RE: Megamod Update - tuggistar - 26-12-2019

And what new in Megamod is planned to do, in addition to the addition of new mods. If there's any details, I haven't found anything.

RE: Megamod Update - Sabouma - 27-12-2019

(26-12-2019, 09:02 AM)tuggistar Wrote: And what new in Megamod is planned to do, in addition to the addition of new mods. If there's any details, I haven't found anything.

patience is a virtue  Wink

RE: Megamod Update - Vrayna - 27-12-2019

More things and more stuff and more reorganizing things and stuff Wink

RE: Megamod Update - neobit - 24-03-2020

(27-12-2019, 03:36 AM)Vrayna Wrote: (...) more reorganizing things (...)

I have no idea how modding works in Banished but as you are creating the whole pack I have a question.
Would it be possible to make buttons structure somehow editable for player? Like an external txt file that would be read on the startup?

I haven't played megamod for few years but I remember it wasn't always easy for me to find stuff as some buttons where organized by author/origin and some by usage.

RE: Megamod Update - Vrayna - 25-03-2020

I'm afraid the toolbars/UI thing has to be compiled with the rest of the mod.
You could do another mod to overwrite it I suppose, but it'd be tons of work. Kralyerg is trying to get things to feel less "cluncky" than they did, but with so many different mods and tons of options for each building, it's kinda hard to get everything sorted nicely or without having to go through series of sub-menus.