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Mountain Top Orchards - buckbeach - 20-08-2019

I haven't tested this yet, but, I seem to be able to place the "Standard" density orchard higher on the mountain than the "Dense" configuration.  Will these higher placed orchards bare fruit and will my people harvest them?


Well ran a test myself and got some interesting results.  I'm using a mod called orchardism that creates a separate from farmers profession to tend orchards.  In game I can plant "standard" orchards up past the area normally permitted and fruit will grow, however they will not be tended nor harvested at maturity .  Standard orchards normally placed will produce and be tended and harvested by the "Orcharder".  Dense orchards as normally placed are tended and harvested by farmers.


RE: Mountain Top Orchards - Vrayna - 23-08-2019

Pathing becomes an issue if you put things too far up a slope. The same is true for fields. Sometimes farmers will manage to start planting but not go all the way, so that field stays stuck in "planting" phase and people never go harvest it.
Mods let you place stuff further up than what's reasonnable, it's kinda up to you to figure out what will work and what's too much. Some fields on hills can be great as decorative thing, but have no real use for food production.