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Rope - estherhb - 27-11-2016

Rope is made by the Ropery using Flax, Hemp or Reeds, and at the Dock Workshop using Reeds only.

It is used in the construction of the Curing Barn and when upgrading the Dock Shanty or Dock House.  

<ul type="disc">[*]
Flag/Limit:  Crafted   (Prior to <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> 1.72:  Dry Goods)  

Trade Value:  35

Weight:  10


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Rope - floristbeth - 07-08-2018

My ropery has 130 reeds in it, yet there is the red circle with the slash through it. 

Why is it having problems making rope?


Edit: never mind. It just turns out you need over 130 reeds to make 2 rope. lol.