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Goofy Ways to Die - BuildHappy - 01-08-2017

I don't always watch for deaths, once I get a stable population, but super wide comments in the event log catch my eye, and a couple of them so far have been hilarious. Shot attached here is for Alonzalo who was killed at work as a glassmaker. Then last night there was a message about someone who somehow got boxed up in a crate (HOW does that even happen?) but I did not get to him in time to take another screenshot, sorry. Anyone have other shots/stories of goofy ways banished folk die?


Goofy Ways to Die - stiles - 01-08-2017

that is different. i did have a teacher go crazy and get kicked out of town once. i've seen stabbings a few times.

Goofy Ways to Die - Paeng - 01-08-2017

Yeah... a blacksmith can choke to death on the black smoke in the forge...


sailors can be keelhauled for mutiny...


Goofy Ways to Die - QueryEverything - 01-08-2017

Yesterday I was shocked, 3 new ways for me came up ...

1 Farmer died: undescriptively

1 Fisherman died: drowning (never saw that before)

And I can't remember the 3rd, lol, it was just odd!!  

Goofy Ways to Die - Sabouma - 01-29-2017

[name]was boiled to death in the boiling pan

[name]fell into an oil press and got mashed


[name]burnt to a crisp (note to the one that wrote this: shouldn't this be "burned"?)


Goofy Ways to Die - Seona - 01-30-2017

Sabouma: Only from an Americo-centric point of view. Outside the US, "burnt" in correct and acceptable usage. See here for more details.

Regards, Seona the Grammar Geek [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/biggrin.png[/img]/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />

Goofy Ways to Die - QueryEverything - 02-01-2017

Not so much death ...  just weird, haha.



Goofy Ways to Die - Paeng - 02-06-2017

Well, not goofy... but one of my favorites -


Goofy Ways to Die - stiles - 02-06-2017

that is strange. what happened to their kids?

Goofy Ways to Die - Sabouma - 03-10-2017

another one I just saw in a Youtube vid from Nightghost49: [name] fell on the cleaver.

[img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/huh.png[/img]/emoticons/huh@2x.png 2x" title="o.O" width="20" />