walking under buildings

teresting. so you just opened the same save and it worked fine? you didn't leave any changes in? did you happen to hit a different save file?were these auto saves or manual? this info might help others, hence my questions.


Things are not recalculated constantly, but rather a few times per season, so it could perfectly be that people kept using the wonky pathing that was calculated and set before you made sure the end of the bridge was clear, but the ones who started their pathing afterwards got it right. You'd still have gotten people using the old pathing once the clean up was done, but a bit later it'd look like it magically fixed itself.


i tend to use about 5 save files & just cycle thru saves. no i didnt leave any of the changes i made around the bridge in, when i found that it didnt work i reloaded the same save file i made before i tried to "fix" the issue.

when i think back now the only change i did make was a corner that i noticed that i hadnt yet flattened, i dont always watch the bridge so how long after i did this that it fixed itself im not totally sure