that moment when ...

That moment when you start a new game to play with 1.0.7 and CC7.2 ...

and you realise how many mods in MegaMod were part of your usual playstyle ...

and you only have <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> at the moment.


my marble! my minibuildings! my dense tree shack! 

... why won't that storage patch go away? What resource is salt part of now!? Which mod that I tried to put back just crashed the game!?

;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some.

What things are so much a part of your game play you get confused when they aren't there?


1 hour ago, naienko said:

;_; can I grow patience? I think I might need some.

Only after you buy the Patience Seeds from your trading boat.


I know exactly what you mean <a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/2882-naienko/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="2882" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/2882-naienko/">@naienko</a>.... I miss <abbr title="MegaMod">MM</abbr> very much as well at the moment.... but yes, patience is needed hehehe


It never fails. My village gets to 50 people in the current playthrough ... and <a contenteditable="false" data-ipshover="" data-ipshover-target="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/3-kralyerg/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="3" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/3-kralyerg/">@Kralyerg</a> releases an incremental bugfix for <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>.