question about Cannabis Seeds
Well, i actually thought i would actually find the answer to this question in here. As it is a logic thing that those two hemp types will be different as they have grown in a different way, and from different seeds. And i still do not know what the hemp from the cannabis seeds could be used for. I even saw it recently, and it even smells way different. There are actually so many variations of the hemp plant. Don't you know guys what is the best CBD? From pure mj or the hemp one?
Real-Life stuff:
Well, from what I remember from a very short Q&A during a botanical excursion*, the Hemp used by the textile industry is a kind that grows taller but has a THC content too low for other uses, and higher levels of CBD which inhibits the "oohh I'm high" feeling of cannabis. The seeds of that kind of hemp are even edible but there are usually some pretty strict laws regulating the THC% allowed in them. It's basically limited to textiles and niche market in the food industry.

The ones grown for recreational or medical use can also belong to several varieties, but in each case basically the whole plant can get used in some form to produce drugs. Flowers, leaves, stalk, seeds, they can all get transformed by a bunch of different processing, from drying and crushing to pressing or even chemical extraction. There's basically nothing left over, only residues that have no commercial interest.

*Hemp is also used as a decorative plant. It's sometimes used on roundabouts in the area (which is where we spotted it and started asking questions), and it's not rare to read in the newspaper that people harvested that hemp thinking they were stealing cannabis...

In the mod:
We have Hemp grown in fields to be used by the textile industry, and Kralyerg's mod adds the trading of the drug, but from what I remember it's independent from the textile industry, so it reflects the real life situation pretty well.
A lot of guys are recommending CBD oil to get rid of the pain. I was skeptical about such treatment since I had been thinking that weed, hemp, and all these products are an addiction. Reading about the best CBD oils of 2020 I have come to the idea that nowadays technology has progressed a lot, so for sure a genuine weed would not do harm . Thanks for all your recommendations, now my back pain has disappeared magically and I feel like I'm in my 18s, young and without worries. Take care of your help, and don't get stressed out. If you are stress, use CBD oil to get rid of all your problems.
Well, many painkillers have risks of addiction too. I don't know what the benefit / addiction risk value of CBD stuff would be compared to morphine-class kinds of painkillers.

As a sufferer from chronic back pain, I could easily get addicted to the simple fact of not being in pain. Thankfully (or maybe sadly), I don't tolerate most painkillers (liver issues with most regular things), and I have a pretty deep hatred of foggy-brain feelings. The result is that I still tend to pick being in pain over regular use of painkillers that have a risk of addiction.
I officially have a prescription for strong codeine stuff which I avoid (unless in cases of severe pain by my own wicked standards) because of the foggy feeling, crazy dreams and knowing the addiction risk. I have no clue how CBD stuff would compare to that. Pretty sure it wouldn't be exactly legal around here so unless the laws change I won't find out, but honestly if side effects are weaker than current medication, I'd be very very tempted to try.

=> in the mod for Banished, it doesn't have any value for health.
To be honest, I would give up cannabis altogether. There are many other remedies that perfectly replace it! I really don't understand why people still use regular cannabis, as there are now so many different products out there that perfectly replace it. For example, I have long since ditched cannabis in favor of sumatra kratom. Kratom works much better on my body than regular weed. I do not know what this is connected with, but it is. I'm sure there are still guys here who have also tried kratom or cbd, as these tools have been gaining in popularity lately. I think it's time to create a separate topic dedicated to this topic ...