manage tools'production begin a pain in ass ...

It's only because the coal production is limited by mineral 's limit instead symply coal like iron could be limited!

In Vanilla before coal was used for fuel by the bannies .. it was a pain in ass ..but now if you got a lot of iron ore by only collect stone and iron ore… the production of coal  was stopping !!

and of course if you Don't see the production of Tools was stopping because no more coal ??

I would like  make try to have a some  big cities  and I Don't understand why I this fool limit come back like  a Vanilla game..

That 's all and i loved all you job but i Don't find in the mine what to have iron only in a small aera to stopping product of iron ore... 



The game is designed so that all items have a "flag" (think category), such as Tools, Food, Construction, Minerals, etc.  Each of those has a limit which you can raise or lower.  They are somewhat helpful when trying to manage production of resources; however, they are broad categories.  Modders are limited as to how many categories can be used and cannot turn this feature off. To manage specific items, you really have to look at your town hall's inventory and/or open the production window for specific buildings (like your blacksmiths) and see how much they produce.  If you have too much iron ore because you are collecting it at the same time you collect stone, then only use the collect stone tool. [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />



yes,we only have a limited number of flags and many many items. you can add a wharehouse mod,there are several at WOB. this woud store the  iron ore surplus,taking it away from the limit. works much like a trade post but is could build the foundry and smelt the ore into iron. i actually leave a BS making rough tools and the higher grade tools i make closer to mines. i never have much of a surplus setting the minerals to 2000 at the game start.