Sad Game crashed when i had 350 persons and i had just built a food market on the river, i then stocked it and when the first boat aririved i clicked on the market and crashed(violation), just thought i would let you know. Huh
I just love Banished, I don't think i could live without it At
Can you please check your Banished version, as well as the mods you are using and post that here? Sounds like a flag issue in the trade post's inventory, that could happen with a version conflict between game and one mod.
Hi Vrayna.
The version of banished is i thnk 1.0.7 and the mod is Mega mod 9 Build is 1213.7. the trader was food traderII.
This crash said it was some sort of "violation" and it only happened the once because i started playing another game within Banished.
I hope that helped
Since that's a MM9 crash and that version of MM is still in beta, I'd say it's not entirely surprising. I'll tell Kralyerg about it so he can have a look at that specific trader. Smile