World of Banished: Connection is not secure
I hope this is ok to ask here, but hopefully you understand that I can't post in WOB forums without a login. I would like to create one to be able to download some mods from there, but I get a warning message that the connection for WOB's website is insecure. This might be a silly question because obviously an insecure connection is always a risk, but with WOB being such a big mod site, I was wondering if it would still be considered safe to use.
I've never had an issue with WorldOfBanished. I poked RK about this thread, he can explain the whats and whys better than I can (if he sees my message) Smile
Ok. I had found a list of mods that I wanted to add on, but most of them come from there. I was just wary.
Thank you! I will wait a little longer for RK's response.
should b no issues with WOB.
Thank you!