Wood dock pathing issue?
Recently I built on a lake wood docks 1x3 with chicken breeder and water scavenger. Some time later(within 1-2 game years) I saw one of bannies abandoned home and wife and stays there trying to get something to eat. On winter 2 bannies tried to warm themselves in chicken breeder(1 worn out warm clothes, second was 0y homeless child which I guess didn't have yet time to receive clothing) and froze to death.
Did anyone got similar problem? Should I rebuild or don't use docks as path anymore?(I built reed farms connected only to trader and they work perfectly).
Should I post save?
Make sure your dock piece is correctly connected to the land. Sometimes people are able to reach odd spot, but if there's something in the way when they want to go back hoe, they'll just stay where they are. You can try adding one piece of dock to go further inland or try to build a rod right to the edge of the dock. If there's one square that can't have a road, it's likel causing the issue. Either flatten it with the flatten tool, or add a dock piece.
It could also be one of your houses having an issue. Make sure you haven't blocked the way into houses with the pathing tool
Thanks a lot!! I was so sure, that I made those wood docks exactly where I can place a road, but somehow I built just one square lower.