What is going wrong?

Ok, I had to wipe my PC and replace the HDD, before that I had a working build bat, I have done the same thing again but its not working, even with the help of Necora, its still not packing into a .pkm. Apart from what is in the picture, I also get one where it acts as though it compiles, but not .pkm. I have done a simple one for now to see where it is going wrong, but no luck. Any help woud be great guys,Thank you.

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This is what I'm using for build bat:

..\..\bin\x64\Tools-x64.exe /build BetterFishResources.rsc:resource  /pathres ../MyMods/BetterFish /pathdat ../MyMods/BetterFish/bin

..\..\bin\x64\Tools-x64.exe /mod Package.rsc:betterfish /pathres ../MyMods/BetterFish  /pathdat ../MyMods/BetterFish/bin


Are you checking the right folder for the .pkm file?  It should be in your /BanishedKit/bin/WinData/ folder.

The modkit is sometimes picky about capital letters.  I don't remember exactly, but you should try keeping your Package file and your Resources file with the exact same capitalization.  (BetterFishResources.rsc and then Package.rsc:BetterFish, not betterfish).


Yeah, I was checking, it was doing the whole bin folder thing inside the mod folder. but when I checked windata, it wasn't there. I ran the example resources bat after, then ran the build bat, which it compiled it. I don't understand why it would when I didn't have to before.


Did you check it with matching cases in the filenames? 

Sometimes the game is picky about certain things and sometimes it's not.  But even when it is picky it doesn't actually tell you that something is failing.  Like putting spaces and . and - and _ in your pkm filenames all have issues, but it won't actually make the compiling fail, but then your mod won't work.


If your mod folder is called 'BetterFish' , you should also name the Mod the same. So the package bat should be calling up: Package.rsc:BetterFish

the first line of the Package.rsc should be written the same: 'PackageFile BetterFish'

I used to find this not having same capitals didn't make a difference with 105 modkit, but I always get errors in later modkits


Also, have you reinstalled the modkit to the same place you had it before?, does your user profile have admin rights?

I have had issues before when putting the modkit into my user/documents folder. So now I have my modkit here:



I've had that empty package (where it seems to finish but did nothing and nothing is produced) a few times before too. The error is probably in your package.rsc, and probably something like what Kralyerg and Discrepancy have mentioned above, a miss spelled name or line, a capitalized or non-capitalized letter. Often, if I can't find these sorts of issues, I'll just delete the package.bat and package.rsc and start again using the apiary examples (or another one I know works) making sure all names are identical throughout, including capitalization.