Unresistable property?
Have I got a house for you?

I'm playing with Megamod 6 and I have an interesting recurring problem.

I like to use the row houses and slanted row houses to build long snaking buildings. Usually along a coast line or to form blocks in a dense pack population center. But every now and then, like once every 40 or 50 years, every Bannie on the map decides of these particular homes is theirs. And when winter comes and they need to get warm every single person starts a trek to that house. Like salmon returning to spawn.

The only solution I've found is to destroy that house. I lose a couple of dozen peeps every time to starvation and the cold as they make the pilgrimage and food production the next year will suck as all the farmers are out of place.
Odd that it is always just the one type of house.
One single bugged square with wonky pathing can throw off everything. You're most likely to mess pathing up when building things near rivers or hills where ground will get flattened a bit to fit the house. When pathing gets messed up, things like "I'm out of range of everything except this one house there" can happen Smile

As a side note, MegaMod 6 (from Steam I assume) is outdated. It uses the old flag/category/limit system from the game's previous patch. On its own I think it wtill works in general, though you might have a couple of flag issues, but nothing game-breaking. If you try to mix it up with recent mods though, you will probabl get in trouble! :o