Umm... My Merchants are teleporting?

I have not touched or modified my rivers or waters at all so its not something I've bugged out. I will say my river system is a bit odd shaped but so far I have had no problems.

Aside from the merchants going back on themselves. They come down stream then when I dismiss them they do a 180 and go back up stream instead of down stream. Kind of weird because if they come from down stream the path is much shorter.

But I was begging for a merchant to come because I have no building supplies and its early in the game still so I have no means of making any yet. So I was intensly watching for one to come and I have 5 trading post so I really want one... haha

Finally one came with another behind it not too far behind. I watched the first one come and it didn't turn into the first one, so I just thought okay maybe its just going to the last one or one of the one's in the middle. But nope, it completely went past all of them so I thought okay... I know I didn't already talk to him or anything. I kept watching him and there is a big lake in the middle of the river so I thought well maybe  the river is messing up their pathing, so maybe its gonna circle the lake and come back and it kind of half circled it and at some points I thought he was gonna completely turn around but nope! If anything I felt like he knew I was watching him so he was messing with me >.< haha... well once he got to the other side of  the lake he just went on down the river..

Me confused I was "Okay? I guess hes just going?" I kept watching him and then as soon as he went off map. BOOM! notification a merchant has arrived? WTF? and there he was... Like a mysterious rebel who defies all laws of banished physics.. With the other one that was behind him. Which had no problems going strait to my trading post.

Anyone have any explanations of this? or have had a similar thing before? With either their merchants doing a 180 on themselves or teleporting? I did read one post about how one guy had merchants going up and down stream but that's about it.


I once had a map where when a merchant left, he would do a 180 and go back up the river a bit then do another 180 and go the right way. All I can figure is that the river had a reputation that pirates traveled it and they were trying to evade them.  I tried restarting the game, using the same map. and the merchants did the same thing. Must be the infamous and elusive "bug" people talk about.