Trade Boat strange behavior

Hunted for other comments on this but came up empty.   My trade boats come downstream on the main river with the current like usual but then turn around and go back upstream.   Later they come down the big river again, go past the trading post and leave the map like normal.    This has happened with multiple maps and different trading posts.   I'm using MM8 with additional mods.   It's behaving like boats coming up the small river with no exit so they go back the way they came in.  

 (also using a new pc and win10 but this shouldn't matter other than I'm fumbling around trying to make print screen work).     


Windows 10 don't cause any problems I have it and all works fine.

to make screenshoots you need to keybind it at second slot first one say it is on print screen but don't work.

your boat problems are probably caused by some other mods interfering with MM8 I use MM8 rc2 only and everything work nice.


This strange behavior is not seen frequently but has even been seen in vanilla Banished.  As far as I know, there's no "cure".