Tools should be different.

I think bronze/brass is incorrectly better than steel. In fact in reality bronze is softer than steel and therefore a worse tool metal. Iron on the other hand is fairly similar to bronze but lacks the corrosion resistance. Crude tools should be made from stone.

The tool lineup in terms of durability should go like this. Crude/Iron/Bronze/Steel. A way you can cheapen bronze a bit, is make the a smaller mine for mining both tin and copper and the "iron smelter" should able to smelt any ore. As iron is actually harder to smelt than tin/copper, or gold/silver for that matter. This makes trade a more viable option for "Adam/Eve" starts.

The advantages of making bronze products should be:

Decoration (nothing beats bronze statues and what not nice pretty golden/red color)

Trade- copper is actually rarer than iron. Therefore their tools/products pricier.



Because Colonial Charter was created over a period of time, I think it resulted in products being added without rebalancing the group of similar items in many cases.  Rebalancing the entire mod would be a huge undertaking and would certainly result in some people being happier while others would be really upset.  Honestly, it is a no win proposition.

Personally (which isn't any more or less valid than your recommendation), as long as I know which items are good > better > best, I can deal with it. Change it and my whole knowledge base is thrown for a loop.

Some day, the Black Liquid Team may decide to rebalance this huge mod, but there are no plans for that currently.


I could be wrong, but I think Bronze is actually in MegaMod but not in <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>, where we have rough, iron and steel tools "only". So it's not <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>-balancing it's consistency issues between mods.


In <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>, Bronze Tools are made by the Foundry and Forge and not at a Blacksmith.  Sort of makes them hard to find.


Oooh, I had forgotten about those!



I never use the stone or wood tools options, unless I am buying them in desperation at the trading post. I also don't build the bronze either. too costly for little return. So no, I would be the one unhappy if you changed up the tools to reflect realism.  I don't know what was done for sure during the era Banished tends to hang out in. But pretty sure they were not making stone aged tools 


my indians were, tomahawks wood and stone. my setup has iron ore not iron. i am still used to <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>, where iron ore is used kits more. always conserved it and had plenty of i have less stone ,and with some mine mods i have iron easier.i still switch between iron ore and stone tools at starts depending which i am low on.the wooden tools are handy for forest areas to keep them supplied.most times a tool only breaks the handle so it is a easy fix. after i have mines set up, i send a BS near them to give them better tools. they use them faster.nice to have the flexability. those players who build lake and dock settlements probably like them too.


         map i am on now i have 3+ firewood options.firewood,thatch as is,thatch bundled, and reed bundles.and my processor is fed foresters can set their own traps and catch pelts and furs with no trappers. grateful for the many many modders for soo many options that work well together.


   the indians still have no turkeys and the tower workers are tired of fighting bandits. my forts report more and more boats on lakes too.the docs say they can cure most diseases and do safety training, but they do see more murders and deaths by poison arrows.