Suggestion for Your Consideration Re: Creating "Coastal" Maps

Hello. I realize the topic of ocean coastal maps in Banished <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> has long been discussed extensively in the past in various web forums. Yet, it remains a strong wish among the player community.  I also understand from everything that I have been able to discern that the primary reason it is considered "impossible" or "unfeasible" is that the game requires mountain terrain present on all map edges.

Though I am not a professional programmer -- or even a modder -- I had the following idea of a possible low-cost solution. I understand if what I am proposing below is still infeasible for reasons that I could easily be unaware of.

Suggestion Synopsis:  Rather than trying to create water feature extending to the actual edge of a map, how about simply changing the user's view (as in viewable window) of the map area so that part of the active map was clipped (only what is viewed, not the actual underlying map) so as to appear like water extends to the external boundary ... but in actuality the generated mountains remain, but are just not viewable in the clipped user view?

I purposefully placed "coastal" in quotes in the topic title because the "coast" would be spoofed to the user. No mountains to look at.

What I envision would be a simple add-on tool that could be applied to any existing Banished <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> map (i.e., Flat Plains, Verdant Plains, Valleys, Mountains, Waterworld, etc.) or to a new map terrain to clip the viewable operations area where the user could operate. A simple, user defined, expandable rectangle select tool and resulting operations area (like that in many screen capture programs) could be used to mark the new clipped area of the original underlying map in which the user wanted to operate. View would then assume that view area. This only affects the map area displayed, nothing else. Tool could be toggled to revert back to default full size via menu command or hot key or to a new view area -- because to the game, nothing has changed -- just the view area used in which to play the game within has been spoofed to the user. Using this view clip tool in conjunction with a slightly modified Waterworld-like terrain generator to give ample contiguous water on one, two, three, or all sides of a large contiguous land mass would result in the player effectively having a custom defined coastal map with whatever amount of water surrounding the land mass that they wished up to the game boundaries of the required mountains (which would not have to be seen as they would be outside the viewable operations area at the discretion of the player). This technique could simulate everything from one-sided shores to bays to peninsulas to islands depending on the clipped view area selected and the land mass generated by the game. The present Waterworld terrain is close, but available terrain would need to be increased into more contiguous mass -- and less water more organized around map edges than centered. The mountains or a tiny land strip bordering the mountains would contain the "edge" water". Although applicable to any map size, Very Large Maps would seem optimally suited due to the extensive supported area to accommodate the extra coastal water and still have adequate available contiguous land with all of its standard features.

As far as the game was concerned, the player would only be operating on a subset of the total actual map. But to the player, it would look, feel, and operate just like a functional coast. Trade boat traffic would continue to flow as usual along its default routes. The remainder of the generated map and all of its features would remain untouched.

So, this would amount to a realistic simulation of a coastline to players, while having no changes to the underlying game mechanics or functional limitations.

If this worked, I believe it could be a very popular addition to the already extensive work BLS and the modding community have already contributed. It would open up new gaming experience opportunities starting at the colonial shores, just as every real historical colony was begun.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to support the game and for all that you have accomplished with it. I greatly enjoy it and the challenges it imposes. My personal desire for coastal colonies reflects my personal preference to play as closely to historical accuracy in all things as the game permits right down to supply chains and selection of settlement themes / sizes based on original colonies. However, I believe the above would please many players for many other reasons just as important to them.

Thank you for your consideration.