Some resources not working properly

I’m having a problem with some of the resources in this mod (Colonial Charter).

I’ve been playing the game for a while now with no problems. This is the only mod I have installed, it’s on the latest version, and it’s been active since I started the game. Many of its elements seem to work just fine.

There are several materials that I can’t seem to collect. I can mine tin and copper ore, for example. But when I try to smelt them into tin and copper bars, it doesn’t work. The buildings show that they’re producing the resources, and they show up on the ground, but they’re never removed by workers. Even if I demolish the forge or foundry and build another building in the same spot, those resources just stay on the ground and never get picked up.

However, if I smelt iron bars in my foundry, the process works just fine. They get picked up and placed into storage.

The same problem occurs with the glassworks. I make glassware, it shows up on the ground, but it doesn’t appear to be removable. Same deal with silver as well.

Any ideas on what’s going wrong here?


dont you use too much specialized stockpile ? because it sounds a storage problem, no place available to store those.... have construction/minerals/metal stockpiles ?


I've got plenty of generic stockpiles and storage. Iron bars are collected and added to the various storage locations properly, but other metal bars (such as copper and tin) are not.

I did try placing down a bunch of specialized stockpiles to see if any of them fixed the problem, but it didn't seem to change anything.


So, I checked this out in my game.  Copper Ore and Tin Ore are placed into Stockpiles. When you smelt these into Copper and Tin, they become Forged items and are stored in a barn. You can use a regular barn or the Small Forged Barn found under the Specialized Barns tabs.