Small Tavern

The Small Tavern is a place where people congregate for social merriment of all kinds. It is also where alcohol, luxury items and smoking products are stored and used. A worker is not necessary but will help move the luxury items into storage. It has a smaller capacity than the regular tavern or the Inn & Garden.

  • Construction Requirements: 10 log, 20 stone, 20 lumber, 60 work

  • Size: 4 by 5

  • Profession: Ale Wench

  • Number of Workers: 1 maximum

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I really love the look of the small Tavern.  It would be nice to have some houses in a similar style.


The Gable House in <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> is more in this style.  So are Red Ketchup's 2-Story Colorful Houses (available at and the Steam Workshop).  These houses by Despo20 are in a similar style:  

<iframe data-embedcontent="" frameborder="0" src="<___base_url___>/index.php?/files/file/172-d20-medieval-houses/&do=embed"></iframe>