A Sawmill powered by a waterwheel that uses logs to make either firewood or lumber.  There are two color variations; use the "F" key to select the one you want.

Model by Rageingnonsense.


  • Construction Requirements: 80 logs, 30 stone, and 110 work

  • Size: 9 by 7

  • Profession: Woodcutter

  • Number of Workers: 3 maximum

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The Sawmill has the ability to manufacture 3 different materials. Would it be possible to get a breakdown of the differences?

1. Lumber [Log]

2. Lumber [Hardwood]

3. Firewood [Log]


There is no difference in production output for lumber, just a different input, firewood production is simply faster than the chopper, so you get more over time.


Thank you. This is the kind of information that should be in the article.

What might the different kinds of input be?