Ridiculous Names

Just thought I would put this out there. Love this game and Colonial charter. Some of the generated names  names are really funny, Who has found the best one, I will start the ball rolling with my latest town called REDMONSOCKERHONKSON. I do not believe there is anywhere called this and apologies if there is but I did google it and found nothing.


I got one once that was Rockd**k.


I tend to rename my towns so I don't have any funny names that I can think of although I did have one town that started with a name that was sort of like "Sleppin" or some variation of that spelling. I thought it was funny because when I first glanced at it, it looked like "sleep-in".


Ques:  And Oz doesn't need to reveal himself, but to the devs add names in as they go?

I ask as I saw a Modders name in the names the other day, and then yesterday I saw I name which I'd seen on a forum recently.  

Or, does the game pull in the modders 'tag', from the file info??


I started naming my towns after their map seed number, to make it easy to keep track. I am using a different sequential map every time. I started at 1; I am starting 54 tonight. I don't ever expect to make it to 4 or 5 digits...


BUIDHAPPY ,may i make a suggestion,thou about 50 games late?? you should start your own post and give pics of each of those map seeds ansettings you started them with. a list in chronological order would be super to see. i take it you kept the start mod as <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>??  map seeds will act the same for each start if the main mod is the same. most seed blogs are not in any order.


Hobgoodridgefieldsboro - The town where we hedge our bets!


And, not as ridiculous but it made me laugh:

Worthmoor - Because we are!


I like hitting the random name gen until I get really long names, lately. My most recent successful town (until I flubbed it up) was called Scobelvederick. Newest town is named Oshkoshkosh (there is a real town in the US called Oshkosh, but the game decided it needed another Kosh).

Not a long name, but I got a town called Lemon once, from the generater.


My latest town was named Inchc**k.  Not sure it would go over very well with male Banifans.  Made me laugh though.