Rice planter woes
I would put down a distribution barn at both ends of the rice planters, because then the vendors working the distribution barns, will relocate the crop to larger barn spaces. in theory they should keep their distribution barns empty for new harvests. Problems will arise with distribution barns, if they do not have convenient barn storage locations. Unlike regular vendors. I don't know hoow the Distribution barn vendors work. If they travel all over to drop their goods. I just like them to have available barn space for my food producers. Even having a distribution barn beside your gathering posts and hunters really helps alot with their food production. and is the only time I make an exception about intrusion on their nodes as far as buildings go. Because they manage to keep the barns fairly empty, the gatherer gets slightly higher production rates, as the vendor in the barn does all the deliveries instead of the gatherers.

Also, do not forget, food in transit does not count in inventory. So if a Vendor has scooped a wheelbarrow worth of rice at the time you took the snapshot, the numbers won't reflect accurately in the inventory counts. And you can also check how much food is in houses as well in the production overview screens. Just be sure to switch it back, or you might give yourself anxiety when you see such low amounts of food production vs stored. lol.