Rice planter woes
I am trying to stabilize with food by building mass rice planters but they just refuse to yield enough food.

You can see on my screenshot that i am overproducing in mass but food keeping going down. I even used debug to give 50k more food just to see if the food will finally keep increasing but it just keeps going down. I do not know how to save my little town from starving.
Here is screenshot and save file. I use latest CC and downloaded it from link on this site.
P.S. I recently bought my shiny new ryzen 1600 processor, mobo, memory and gpu but banished still doesnt work silky smooth in 10x speed with ~200 pop. Is that normal?
Edit: I keep trying to upload my save file but it just wont upload for some reason so i just used google drive and shared a link.
You need to produce at least 100 food per person per year plus extra for new houses and new kids. The amount of food produced by a single Rice Planter is usually over 1000 IF the worker is educated and you have storage and housing nearby. To share that rice with other citizens, you need houses to be placed inside of the working circles of Markets. I usually have 1 Vendor per market, but if barns aren't close by, I'll add a couple more. There's no reason to spam a single food producer like this. There are lots of other good food producers in MegaMod, including the Hunting Blind, the Plaza (producing apples) from kid1293's B&B Themed Set, RK's Old Smokery and Old Saltery. If you use a Very Mild climate, an 8x18 crop field with 1 farmer will produce around 1000 food.

To avoid starvation, it is good to have a Trading Posts (especially a Food Supplier) so you can increase your surplus food to 2-3X. Be sure to develop some good trade products such as Trade Livestock, Domesticated Animals, Survival Coats, Statues, Ale/Wine/Perfume, etc. You can turn some of that rice into Rice Wine BTW.

I can't see much in your picture. When you take pictures, turn off climate effects in options or wait until the rain or snow stops. Can't tell if you have educated workers - but they produce anywhere from 25% to 50% more than uneducated workers.
My education rate is ~85%.
Here is a better screenshot with 3 random selected rice planters and their yield. With statistics in produced / used i should have in +30k food plus a year. Instead i am barely breaking even.

I also covered every house with market and docks with dock market.


I also included screenshot of my inventory and education rate.
You are producing about 32,000 rice per year (assuming an average of 1000 per rice planter) and are using about that amount to feed your people which means you are breaking even.

I noticed a whole row of rice planters on the right that don't appear to be attached to a dock/walkway and a few at the bottom - is this just the picture or do you need to connect them? Also, have you verified that there's room in barns for all that rice? Crops are usually taken to barns where they are picked up by vendors and taken to a market. However, I have noticed that some crops get delivered to markets.
But why in town hall statics says i am producing +10k year more food per year? I always used that statistic to guide me how my food situation going on. Am i missing something?
I have no idea how you are calculating that. Please explain.
In my screenshot in production tab - > food is 33268 used(1year) and 66704 produced(1year). With this stats shouldnt town be drowning in excess food?
offtopic : by posting my save file here i saved my little town from crashed windows literally day after Big Grin
You have 67,204 food on hand - about a 2 year's supply. Looks OK to me based on the info given.
In my case the food used was 25k lesser than produced, but the reserves decreased year by year, it’s weird. So I believed the food was spoiled, maybe during transportation or just because of the super long reserved time...Just for convincing myself that the stats were reasonable
If you are building bigger houses than the ones you were using earlier in your game, people can store more food in them. Which means that some years people will be taking a larger amount of food out of town storage than what they normally would in vanilla-Banished. The next year they migh tnot need to take as much food as they have some left over. That could explain why the "food used" stats feel wonky, sometimes showing more than 100 per person used over a year (used as in "taken off storage"), and sometimes less.