Rice Flour

Could someone please make a grinder/mill that processes the rice from <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> into flour? Seems a waste to have rice, then have to go get another grain for flour.  Could make it standalone for use with other <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> standalone mods? Pretty please??


17 hours ago, Willows said:

Could someone please make a grinder/mill that processes


So, currently the <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> mills should process Barley, Corn, Oats, Rice, Rye, Sorghum and Wheat.  If I were to make a standalone version, I would want to keep all of those options intact.  But this will cause your traders to also bring all of these items.  (They wouldn't bring seeds, just the raw resource).  Is that okay with you?


Oh, yes, that would be fine!!


I know you already saw it, but just so people in the future can see the resolution of this thread, I did make a mod called <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr> Milling that is just the Wind and Water mills from <abbr title="Colonial Charter">CC</abbr>.


http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/file/209-<abbr title="Colonial Charter">cc</abbr>-milling/



And it works great! Thank you again!!