Regulation of the population


Hello, Normally we regulate the population by managing the number of houses. No house = no baby And yet, I do not build a house, but my population does not cease to grow. Regularly, I lose 200 of population because they die of hunger. I'm increasing my food production, but that's not enough in comparison to the increase in my population. How to manage the growth of its population other than by building houses. Thank you


The only way to regulate population is by building or not building houses.  If you are playing vanilla Banished, each house can be occupied by up to 5 people: a mom and dad and up to 3 children. When the children become adults, you can build additional houses so the young adults move in together and have more kids. Once the young adults move out, mom and dad will have more kids until the house is full. Or, if you don't build more houses, the adult kids will continue to live at home and mom and dad will stop having more kids as long as an adult child lives there.  In Colonial Charter, there are Shacks which only hold a family of 3, which can be upgraded to hold up to 4. The Wooden and Stone Houses hold up to 5 people, and the other houses can hold varying amounts which is listed on the Construction Spreadsheet HERE  To prevent having large die-offs, you need to spread out when you build houses - maybe just a few every season. If you want to really limit the number of people, build just 1-2 houses a year. If you build no houses, your town may stop having children and your population may start to die off. It is extremely hard to maintain a stable population with 0 growth - the game just isn't designed to do that.

The only way to keep people from starving is by producing at least 100 food per person per year plus enough food for new people and for new houses. Make sure you look at your Town Hall stats frequently so you know how much you are producing and storing. Keep in mind that some food producers like Gatherers produce food all year long. Others, like farmers have just one big harvest and food on hand often drops low just before harvest as it is used up. It is best to have at least 1-2 year's supply of food on hand.  Trading for food can be a lifesaver if food production starts to drop.  One reason food production drops is when you accept Nomads. They are uneducated and produce around 25% less or worse than educated workers.

Of course, not having enough tools or firewood can also start a death spiral. Preventing such shortages is all part of learning how to play this survival game well.

If you have any other questions, let us know. Enjoy the game [img]<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png[/img]/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />



bannies will have babies while they are in a boardinghouse. once you build a house for 1 couple there is room in the BH for more bannies.1st did you check and inccrease the food limit? failing to do this means you can only produce 5000 food. more fields etc will do no good.


you can look into an age mod, the propertime mod or 1:1 age mod.they will help balance the game speed. in vanilla the bannies age at a fast rate. with the mods the bannies age and then breed at the same speed as everything else.this would slow down the population growth. there are different options as to how soon they go to school and graduate,etc.  as you increase food and production did you add a market and more barns? did you build a school? if the education drops ,food production will go down.a townhall will allow you to check the production rates each year to be sure you aren't falling behind.  another thing that will cost you crops is the bannies being busy elsewhere at spring. if they are clearingi land way over there and spring comes,they may not get back to the fields  in time to work as laborers in the winter.try to plan projects so the bannies are done in late winter.