Question: Fast Food Stall mod?

I know that someone on here made a Fast Food Stand once upon a time. It had been at this link, but the link is unfortunately not working at this time, nor can I find it anywhere online. Image attached below. The old link is here:

It's compatible with (and I think requires) colonial charter. Does anyone happen to have the mod lying around their mods folder that'd be willing to repost it, assuming the author didn't mean to remove it from use permanently? It was a wonderful mod! I love making food in the game, and having lots of end-game cookiing options was delightful.

- a mod fan

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ok, try a couple things. most likely this is a 1.06 mod. so the limit flag changes are having an affect. move the mod up high in mod order,above a main mod like CC MM. use the debug to test it. step 2 is add the compatability 1.07 mod. this mod bridges some mods to work from the old flags to new. retest. if those don't work we will look at your mod order to try finding a conflict.

other step that might help is to check WOB world of banished for other new mod ideas. KID has done some small food stands.there is a link for the compatability mod at WOB also.
Oh, I'm not having an issue using it - I'm trying to track the mod down. It works fine with 1.07 Smile  Do you know where it is?

Edit: the original modmaker (Kralyerg) lost the code to this mod in 2018 so I'm not sure where to download it. I can handle making it work with 1.07 - I had it working fine as of 8 months ago? But I didn't bring the mod over when I changed PCs so lost it. It was one of my faves!
sorry i do not have it nor do i find with a search. i did see that the mod had issues when tried without CC and probably will with the 1.07 upgrades. best i can offer is to try some of KID'S food options at WOB. EB did an ice cream 1 as well i believe. there is a pizze ,a bar-b-q grill ,and a soup stand. won't be exact but there are some varieties.
I'll give Kralyerg a poke, to see if he still has that mod somewhere.
(21-04-2020, 06:19 PM)Vrayna Wrote: I'll give Kralyerg a poke, to see if he still has that mod somewhere.

Thanks, that'd be awesome!