Products produced by building
This may not be mod specific but I'll ask it here.

A drop down box is included for some buildings reflecting different products.  Some of the products are shown with plus signs (eg +++, ++ & +, what do these mean?

Can you give me some examples of the buildings that do this?
Thought there was more than one but "EB's Oil Press" is one who's product drop down box has several showing these.
The options with more +++ means it takes more resources to create the output. The ++ take less than +++.

It's in the CC Oil Press, I know. Not sure if it's anywhere else. It's kind of a weird holdover from the very first version of CC that never got changed.
OK found another example. It is the Ropery.
Found an answer on Steam that said the more pluses the best resource utilized to make product.