Precious Mine

In the Precious Mine, workers collect precious metal and minerals, such as Gold, Silver and Rough Gemstones. The mine yields more Silver than Gold or Gemstones (which are rather rare).

The Precious Mine can be upgraded twice if it runs out of resources. The first upgrade requires Candles, the second needs Lamp Oil. The final stage of the mine has unlimited resources.

  • To build: 140 stone, 12 lumber, 100 work.

  • First Upgrade: 130 lumber, 90 candles, 100 work.

  • Second Upgrade: 130 lumber, 90 lamp oil, 100 work.

  • Size: 6 by 5

  • Profession: Miner

  • Number of Workers: Up to 5

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Does anyone else think that the precious mine and placer mine generate ore incredibly slowly?


I do