Please Play and Test Rebalanced Colonial Charter -- Beta Version 1.
Colonial Charter Balance Patch Beta Version 1

Download Links:

Colonial Charter

Balance Patch

Install: Put both into your WinData folder.   You might have other mods in that folder, too.  That's just fine.

If you’re using Steam, probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData. Non Steam builds default to
C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\WinData

Place the patch ABOVE Colonial Charter.  I recommend not using any other mods for now.

Enable both mods.  It will show a conflict.  That is NORMAL.

Turn on the mods, let Banished reload.  Then CLOSE the game and reopen the game.  Anytime you add mods or removed mods to Banished you want to close the game and reopen it.

Overall Goal: Better Balance, not perfect balance.

This patches goal: Test general concept.  Does this work and is this a step in the right direction?

What you should do:

Play the game.  Do whatever you want.  Does it work and does it seem fair and balanced?

Start new towns. I don't believe good things will happen if you load a town made without the patch. I'm not sure how it would work or not work.

Virtually all town options should be similarly viable:

Make tons of bread?  Do it.
Use Firebundles?  Do it.
Make a town that focuses on Mining?  Do it.  Dig for gold.  Have an army of slave stonecutters.  Be a coal mining dystopia.
Make ANYTHING into Building Supplies or Homewares?  Do it.  All should work great.
Butcher all the animals!
Preserve all the food in anyway you want.
ALMOST Anything should be a viable option.

You shouldn't have to look at the spreadsheet to ask "is this a viable choice".  Everything should be viable.

Here's a link to the spreadsheets anyway.  Checkout the Food NEW, Resources NEW, and Refined NEW tab.  Changes are shown highlighted in blueish gray.

If something seems too good or too bad, let me know.  Right now everything should be "pretty darn good."  Perhaps everything is slightly too good.  You might make too many Pots, Bread, Ropes, Glass, Bread etc.

Known Issues: 

Some of the "Recipes" will have INCORRECT information of what is used.  I didn't update that yet.  I didn't touch Animal Pens, Military Stuff, nor Trade Buildings (Chartered Co, Bootlegger etc.) yet.

Things to do:

Update Recipe Dropdown descriptions.  Some of those are wrong.

Remove Bronze Tools.  They are more effective than Steel Tools, cheaper, and cost Bronze.  Maybe make a replacement of some kind?

Redo some default item limits: Construction, Furnace Fuel etc.

Change order of some recipes: Waterwheel Sawmill to Firewood by default.

Consider changing building costs and Home Warmth factors.

Consider adding a cost to mining.  Burn Candles/Lamp Oil to Mines.

Thanks to Banished for being an amazing game.  Thanks to the people at BlackLiquid for making Colonial Charter.  It is super amazing.  Special thanks for Kraylerg for compiling everything into the mod so we can all play it.
Feel free to hold off on trying the mod for a while.

The game will crash anytime a Silver Pfenning is produced. It will take time to figure out exactly what is causing it, fixing the issue, getting the fix to Kralerg, and getting the mod remade and uploaded.

Silver Pfennings are also produced when you open some random scattered map chest. So your game might crash randomly -- which is nice. Picture of a map chest which might cause a crash.