Plants vs Climate ?
Hello, I have been having problems with plants on my farms.
I choose the tropical shipwreck start with tropical climate.
Having bought a few seeds, I started planting and of all the plants Hemp and Sunflower do not want to grow. They stop at first stage and I can get at most 20 produce from 14x8 field. Does this have something to do with climate or something else?
It is a climate / crop issue indeed.
All plants have a temperature range for their growth. Too cold or too hot will mean no growth, so a regular crop will grow a bit in spring, stop growing as soon as it gets too hot, and then might grow a tiny bit more during harvest time, but not really enough to be profitable.
When picking a tropical kind of climate, you'll have to pick your seeds from the few crops that were modded to handle the high temperature.
There's a chart with the temperature range for each climate and the crops tolerance here:
Wao! Que malo! a mí no me pasa igual, debe ser el clima