No Quartermaster/Forward Post/Herb Grower?
Maybe the info (Wiki, etc) is out of date, or I'm blind. But I can't find the build icons for the Quartermaster, Herb Grower, or Forward Post?

Are they upgrades to another building?

I'd like to start making Native Artifacts for trading, but can't find the two buildings needed.

As an aside, I totally missed this game over the years, only really discovering it a couple months ago. So a little late to the party I guess.
If I remember right, Quartermaster and FOrward Post are in the military set and the herb grower is in the dock set. They're in the special "sets" area of the toolbar.

Native Artifacts come from buidings (either llama or a burial site I think) that can't be built but that are spawned on the map at the start if you pick a "native" or a "llama" type of start condition. You won't find them on the toolbar unless you add an extra mod for that (and I think that specific mod vanished when Kralyerg had his computer melt-down incident).
Ah, ok. Well, I won't worry about it then. I don't have either of those "sets", unless they're a part of the MM? I'm currently only running CC 1.76.

Looking at it again, there are quite a few things "missing" that I suspect are because of MM, not CC (like the castle and marble quarry, I have no option for those either).

Forgive my naivety, still reading about all the contents/etc, but does the MM 8.1 include CC 1.76? Maybe that's my solution.
Oh, the military and dock sets are definitely part of CC itself, but they're hidden in a sub category on the right-ish side of the main toolbar. Might be some 2 levels-deep kind of nested categories.
Castle and marble quarry sound like they come from another mod than CC. (I've been playing with The North lately, and before that had a period of RK's mod, so I'm not perfectly on top of what's where and in which mod Tongue)

MM8.01 contains all of CC1.76 indeed, and tons of other mods, so you'd definitely find everything you're looking for in there, but it's pretty overwhelming. Depending on personal tastes, it can be either PERFECT or "too big, I'll stick to smaller mods". I'm in the later category, but there are some MM-addicts around Smile