Megamod Is Too Much - Tips for Checking Individual Mod Compatibility?
So I've played with MegaMod some and I love a *bunch* of the options, but it gets a little overwhelming to have SO MANY options, so I've been trying to put together a small collection that'll do just the things I want - flatten terrain, give me more interesting wild animals, give me some different aesthetic options, and change the aging rate so people age a bit slower. With everything but aging, I know I could just run MegaMod and ignore all the options I don't want, I'd kind of like to try it without all the extra stuff. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get mod compatibility, or how to find the individual mods that MegaMod has put together so I can just pull out the four or five I want. Does anyone have any advice for me here? I'd appreciate it! Thanks yall!
You'll find some of the "sets" that are in MM here in our download section:
You have CC there, or even just parts of CC if the whole Colonial Charter mod is already "too big".

For the slow aging, you can keep using the one you currently have (I suppose One Year Is One Year, make sure it's the most recent version and not the old one that has small issues), or you can use the good old RealTimeAging ( that's on along with some other small mods. When shopping there for mods, make sure you pick mods published after december 2016 to be sure they're compatible with the current version of the game. Aging mod is a bit of an exception: it still works fine becauses it didn't touch anything other than aging speed.

The "biggest" place for a lot of independent mods would be where you can trust anything that's in the list of mods for 1.0.7, that's where a huge lot of the small things in MM come from. I have a special soft spot for all Kid's mods there. Lots of original reskins with limited additions so the production chains never get overwhelming.

Everything listed above is compatible, you don't really need to worry much about things showing a red conflict in your modlist, it's just a warning that the mods touch the same files so you need to pay attention to load order: Things on top overwrite what's under them.
Rule of thumb for load order would be
- Tuning mods (bigger barns, higher production, silent pastures)
- Big Mod
- Small independent mods or mods using resources from the big mod.

If you want a real change of how the game feels, you can also give The North a try, it's at It's pretty deadly and has slow aging included. It's sadly not compatible with most mods, but there's a list there of the few things that can be used with it (Kralyerg's Mini Buildings and DS Wagon Vendors are a real life saver with The North). Don't try to use The North with anything that's not listed as compatible though, and make sure you load those "compatible mods" lower than The North in your modlist.

Edit: I forgot an important detail: Whenever you make a change to your modlist from the main menu, once the game has done it's automatic reload after you've confirmed the changes, take the time to exit Banished entirely and relaunch it before you try to start a new town. It's the only way to force the game to handle the modlist changes correctly. If you don't take that extra exit and restart step, you'll likely crash when you try to quit your town to get back to the main menu. A real pain when you're trying to check out all the kinds of maps and starting conditions.