Megamod - Fatal Access Violation - Setsprite?
Dear reader,

I'm adding this comment just to say, that what Epixcloud posted as a problem, is the exact(sic.) same the one I have experienced, down to the last comma, as event the log file is identical. The only difference might be that I have a high end computer, and performance should not be an issue (even if some buildings from the CC mod actually are quite demanding on the GPU). I too have tried a lot of the same steps as he, but to no avail. Neither can I relate it to any specific action, as I've just tried to let it run without me doing anything (having disabled everything from autosave to anti-virus etc.). As of now, I can't run the Megamod at all, but the game that keeps crashing is with the latest build of CC, having played some 80+ years without issue.