MegaMod - Fatal Access Violation - During Game Play
Hi All,

Recently started playing MM8, loved it for a 4hr game, shut down pc then when I restarted and loaded that game it crashes during play at 12 years, which seems to coincide with an auto save.
Changing auto save settings changes this crash timeline but doesn't prevent it if turned off.
I have spent a good week trolling the interwebs for possible solutions and nothing seems to work.
Yes I am running the latest Banished version (steam version for me).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
steam most likely updated and killed your game try disabling the auto offline mode. you can try to load a prior save as the save file could be corrupt as well.
Is there something like a boat arriving at the trade post when the crash happens? Do you have builders working on sites where pathing might be an issue? Is there a building that just started working and that might be producing its first stuff at that moment?

Those crashes at fixed times seem to usually match either the apparition of an item the game can't handle (usually due to an older mod being loaded), or a worker being unable to do the job the AI assigned them to because their pathing got blocked after it got calculated.
You could try to save shortly before the moment you know the crash will happen, unemploy all your workers, and let time pass beyong the crash point, make a new save then if that works. Then go back to the before-crash save and only un-employ builders, try to pass crashs point, rinse and repeat with the jobs until you find the culprit. Builders (access point issues) are often to blame, but it could be anyone who wanderered too far to be in valid range for his job, or anyone who suddenly has his path blocked (make sure al your bridges always have at least 1 square of road at their foot, so ways across the river don't get blocked by a tree growing right there).